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Dr. M S Ali Mamun.
MBBS MSc Allergy.
(Southampton University Hospital Medical School United Kingdom)

CEO £1 Hospital

Bringing world-class allergy testing to Bangladesh

Frustratingly, in Bangladesh there is no modern allergy diagnostic and treatment facility for allergic diseases, such as immunotherapy or biological therapy or even simple skin prick testing.  Certainly there is nobody in Bangladesh quaified to perform an assessment or accurate diagnosis.

There is no specialised allergy hospital or qualified allergist there. In addition to poverty, lack of awareness and clinical importance of allergy are the causes of this devastation. Many people including healthcare professionals still believe that death due to type 1 allergy is caused by the influence of the supernatural. Therefore, it is clear that an urgent initiative is needed to remedy this problem.
The £1 Hospital will start to meet these unmet needs starting March 2017.

The £1 Hospital would like to prove that a British Pound could make a huge change to disadvantaged people’s lives; it can build a hospital and save lives. Our statistics show that if only 1% of the population of Great Britain donated a pound a month, it would take less than 16 months to raise 10 million pounds to build a hospital in Bangladesh. A pound a month that anyone and everyone can afford.

"I will be attending surgery in Sylhet at various times throughout 2017.
I welcome anyone who believes that they are suffering an allergic condition,
to contact me to arrange a consultation.
My first visit will be during March 2017. Please use the form below to contact me."

Dr. M S Ali Mamun.
Consultant Allergist 

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Dr M Mahbub Johir
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