The £1 Hospital


One of the main objectives of the £1 Hospital project is to build a world-class hospital with top European style facilities, the latest technology and suites of alternative treatment programs such as Homeopathy and Naturopathy. It is our goal to cater for the needs of the rick and poor alike.

For those who seek something special the £1 Hospital will offer you a first class healthcare experience equal to the best you can find anywhere in the world.
But for those less fortunate, the beggars and paupers, the extreme poor and penniless, the exact same facilities are there for you too at either ultra-low cost or free of charge.

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Allergy Bangladesh, an initiative of the £1 Hospital intends to save many lives. For example, it is estimated that 1 in 10 Bangladeshi children suffer from the life-threatening allergic condition asthma. In the UK, asthma attacks cost the National Health Service £1 billion a year. In Bangladesh where there is no national health service, the cost to the state is zero, but the child simply dies instead.
For the first time in Bangladesh, allergy testing will be available on a wide scale. Through a nationwide system of training and education which the £1 Hospital will provide, doctors and high level nurses will be able to learn the necessary specialist skills to perform tests, make diagnoses, select a treatment plan best suited to the patient and decide on future management of that allergy condition.

For more information about Allergy Bangladesh and its activities, please visit its own website.


Project ‘Breathe’ – a fight against asthma & lung diseases for children.

One of the biggest problems faced by Bengalis is asthma. Extremely common in children and often worsened by contracted pneumonia as a baby, asthma is a killer. In the UK, Asthma is responsible for a hospital admission every 12 minutes! In Bangladesh the child simply dies instead. The poor are extremely vulnerable due to poor living conditions, exasperated by highly polluted city air,

Project Breathe, proposes to buy a tea estate in the north, build a large wooden house and invite street children from the city for 1-2 weeks respite where they can be medically examined, bathed, fed, spend time in fresh mountain air playing with other children and a few hours a day learning to read, write, learning arithmetic and mathematics, thus giving these children a better chance of a future.

The staff who work the estate will remain, but the profits will be used to fund the respite centre construction, its staff and healthcare and education teams.

The estate will be named 'Heaven' ( স্বর্গ ) and will offer children peace, tranquility and clean air, fun, learning and love. The images below of the Briar Tea Estate from Kerala in India are exactly the type of location we would like to aquire for his project.