Get Involved

The Engine of the Hospital

Our members fall into a  number of different groups depending on their level of commitment. All are deemed essential to the running of the organisation.

Each group contributes in their own way to every aspect of the running and funding of the organisation. Each category is listed below:


In addition to the  management of the £1 Hospital Project, we also seek to engage volunteers  for a wide variety of tasks and appointments within the charity project, both here in the UK and overseas in Bangladesh .

Our volunteers cover a wide range of important duties including:

  • Helping with fundraising and organising fundraising groups.
  • Team leaders to oversee different  aspects of the charity’s day to day work.
  • Writing interesting and meaningful blogs and other web related content.
  • Formulating and developing public relations activities especially developing creative ways to engage the public.
  • Marketing the charity both in the UK and abroad.
  • Creating  engaging artwork, image montages and promotional videos.
  • Administrative duties dealing with and responding to electronic mail etc.

If you might be interested in helping us with any of the above opportunities, please contact us to discuss.



A person who donates a sum of any amount on a single or ad-hoc basis no matter how small or large.

General member:
Those who contribute via a direct debit each month the minimum amount of £1 or in equivalent foreign funds.

Life Member:
A Person who offers a donation of £1000 or more would be memorialised in our hospital reception on our 'wall of honour' and website page, plus a certificate.

A person who donates £10,000 or more, would be remembered in our hospital reception on our 'wall of honour' and website page, plus a certificate. In addition a short biography with photo and the option to include a second person, for example spouse, parent or other named person.

Public support and donation

Without the support of people like you, our hard work and planning would never gain the momentum we need to improve the quality of health and thus, the quality of the lives of so many of the world's poorest.

There are many easy ways to donate or raise funds. Your contributions, no matter how small, alow us to make the difference these poor souls need.

The £1 Hospital is a British Charity registered in England and Wales on charity number 1162150