Who we are

£1 Hospital Directors – their vision

Our directors consists of a dedicated team of professionals who share  a common passion and dream to provide high quality healthcare to some of the word's poorest and most needy people. Included in their ranks are marketing and healthcare professionals including two medical Doctors.

Together, they are passionate about turning a dream into a reality. They are passionate about changing the world for the better, offering helping hands to those who are less fortunate than ourselves through medical and healthcare services, ranging from essential front-line healthcare, to more sophisticated allergy testing and diagnosis.

As one of the Directors put it:
“Front-line healthcare to the poor of the world is the most basic need next to a roof and food. Nutritional information and guidance along with affordable consultation and treatment would transform the lives of millions even billions of people and their families. People in Bangladesh are dying from the most simple and basic issues. We plan to change that and to put into place systems to vastly improve the health of the poorest and to help prevent recurrence.”